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Alpha Property Management

Professional Property Managers and Leasing Company in Sacramento, California

Alpha manages the daily tasks for management of residential property of every shape and size. We collect rent, rent vacancy property, make needed repair, do monthly bookkeeping of all money received and paid out on the owners behalf. Cut monthly reports of income and expenses.

Most of Alpha's clients live out of the area and need someone that is trained in the management of property here in the Sacramento area. We know the laws the pertain to management, as well as we handle all details of renting, rehabbing, making repair and taking care of the owners property with the end result being a good paying renters that pays the rent on time and maintains the rental property in good clean condition.

Care free management from a company who been around a long time. And who know what to do to place a rent paying renter s as quickly as possible. We also can assist the owner with any needed repair and to make sure that the property is code complaint!

The fact that we have been in business for over 25 years! We are professional and follow through for our owners! We are here to protect our clients and make sure that their renters are taken care of so that the renters live in the home as long as possible before moving on. We also are here to make sure that the property is being taken care of buy the renter.

The client started a process 2-3 years ago, she found out what the clients charge, what their procedures are. The client tried to figure out what they wanted to do, and how to do it better. The main issue with property management is that they "talk big game" but don't follow through. Owners are looking for property managers that know the laws so that they don't.

This clients follow-through and their professionalism is fantastic. They don't nickle and dime their customers. They don't come up with any excessive fees. They are can respond to emergencies with efficiency and haste. The owner can maintain their own property or the property management can manage the property for them. The property management company has to have a network of vendors that can communicate and on-time reporting for all aspects.

This company always meets the needs of the client.

Alpha Property Management is broker and the agent for the property management company. They have investors that work all over the world.

We do what we say we are going to do! Our customer service is also the best in the business. We do not nickel and dime our clients with fees that end up taking all the profit from a owners bottom line (Sacramento) Rancho Cordova, Folsom.

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